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There's a hole in the wall...

...and it's letting in data.

We got out the big drill bit again today, and put a hole through the wall between the office and the lounge. Feeding cat 5 ethernet cabling through it was a little tricky (I wasn't as straight as I could have been going through the wall), but marypcb found a use for an old cat toy, and we soon got the cable through using it and some wire.

Still, that's the media PC hooked up to the music, photo and video files on the 1TB NAS by 100Mbps wire rather than through a 802.11G wireless connection to an AP at the other end of the house. At some point soon I'll dig out the old 8 port switch and give the lounge a switched connection, and hook up another AP to improve coverage.

It's good to have power tools.

New Office - New Danger!

The last few days have been spent removing the old wardrobe that acted as storage space in our office, and replacing it with spiffy new shelving units from Ikea.

(As marypcb put it: "First we eat, the hat vaccuuming comes later...")

We now have lots more storage space, in a lot less floor space - I can get at all my O'Reilly's now - and I also have a nice selection of cuts, bruises and contusions. Self assembly furniture leads to self disassembly!

I also have managed to get even more than my previous record of flat packed furniture in a small sports coupe: 11 standard shelf units, one wall unit, 3 double size, two small shelves and assorted bits-and-bobs.