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Technology, Books and Other Neat Stuff

Times are bad, children no longer obey their parents and everyone's got a blog

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Simon Bisson
21 December 1965
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Geek, technology journalist, IT strategy consultant, Sf reader (and occasional writer), traveler (not tourist), book and art collector.

Born on the Channel Island of Jersey, I now live in South West London, sharing The East Putney Museum Of Science Fiction, Comic and Fantasy Art (And Lending Library) with my wife, marypcb, four cats and two robots.

I write fiction and non-fiction for magazines, web sites and newspapers with pieces in The Register, The Guardian and the Financial Times, and marypcb and I run a blog at ZDnet UK.

Other titles I write for include ZDnet UK, Web Designer, Cloud Pro, Know Your Mobile, Grey Matter's Hardcopy, the Official Windows XP Magazine, IT Pro, IT Expert, Tom's Hardware and The Register. Commissions welcome. Email for rates. Email for commercial rates for white papers and commercial articles.

With my consulting hat on, I'm available to work short projects as a consulting systems architect specialising in enterprise web and mobile internet. I also offer IT strategy services, helping businesses understand how technology can help them meet their business aims. Email for rates.

Mission Statement

This blog is a site for thinking aloud about technology, books and other neat stuff. In other words, whatever I feel like at the time. Oh, and occasional snippets of fiction as the mood takes me. I also use it to post photographs, and to detail my travels.

Other Blogs From The Same Keyboard

My main alternate is a shared techblog, "500 Words Into The Future" at ZDnet UK. Mary and I regularly talk about all aspects of IT, and update at least twice a week. We've syndicated it here as 500wordsrss

That's pretty much taken over from our old IT Pro blog and from A New IT World, where I looked at the impact of new technologies on the world of enterprise IT. If you're interested in service architectures, loosely coupled applications, virtualisation, serialisation, network storage and network processing then this is the place for you. It's syndicated on LiveJournal as itphasechange.

I also have a fairly moribund moblog/art project called "Watching The Watchers" (syndicated as sbisson_moblog) which I use for pictures of CCTV and other surveillance cameras. The project's not really being updated these days, and I'm considering moving it over to a Flickr group...

I am experimenting with del.icio.us and have syndicated my links page RSS feed as sbisson_links.

I also have a Flickr photostream at sbisson_flickr

sbisson. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

I have a LibraryThing account. You can see my catalogue here.

You may find other blogs that I use, but they're mainly test sites for magazine articles I'll have been working on.

If you use Twitter, then you'll find me there as sbisson. I'm also to be found on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Version 3.12
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!O M++$ !V PS+@ PE Y+$ PGP+ t 5++ !X R+ tv+ b+++$ DI++++ G++ e+++ h---
r+++ y?

Friending Policy

I rarely post "friends-only" entries. If I do, they tend to be either details of family emergencies or (probably more interesting to most of you) complete pieces of writing that has either been published elsewhere, or are near final draft pieces of fiction that are nearly ready for submission.

If you use an LJ account to friend me, I'll generally friend back fairly quickly. I tend to treat my friends list as a reading list. If you're there, I'm reading what you write. My non-LJ reading list is on Google Reader, feel free to look it up!

Commenting-only accounts are welcome. Feel free to introduce yourself!

I'm happy to give OpenID users access to closed posts. Just sign up, and I'll let you in.


RSS and ATOM feed links are available from my main blog page. You'll also find autosubscribe links for most major aggregator servces.


Public text is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License, unless otherwise detailed. Non-public text and quotes remain either the copyright of the original licensor, or under my copyright.

Any assigned license will revert if content is used on a spam blog.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Images and quoted text may be licensed by original authors under different schemes.

My own images are hosted on Flickr, and have Creative Commons licenses managed through the hosting service. They are also available for commercial purchase. Contact me directly or use the Flickr/Getty Images tools.

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