Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 11-30-2009

  • 10:21:21: Packing up for the flight home tomorrow. At least had time to hang out with Silicon Valley friends in their hot tub...
  • 10:23:23: Book purchases this trip tended more to grim and gritty fantasy rather than SF. Where's my grim meathook future when I want it?
  • 10:26:04: Scariest bit of the long drive was today, when surrounded by several hundred Christian bikers around Sacramento. Road hogs the lot of them.
  • 10:36:38: RT @rupertg: The dangers of putting a live Twitter feed - even your own - on display...
  • 10:38:05: New Tweetie installed. Now lets you backfill timelines, geotag, and newstyle retweet.
  • 10:41:16: Trying out Tweetie 2.1 geotagging. I should be in a motel in Mountain View...

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