Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 11-16-2009

  • 03:22:13: Last day in Paso. Did the winery tour at Justin - nice people, nice wine. Beautiful country out there...
  • 03:26:12: Time to hit the road to #PDC09. As far as Santa Barbara tonight as we need to get some writing done...
  • 07:08:04: Got as far as Santa Barbara. A good place to stop for the night...
  • 07:09:40: En route down California from the BDC to the PDC! #BritsAtPDC
  • 08:48:37: This trip's Paso Robles foodie recommendation: Farmstand 46 (next to Four Vines). Great sandwiches.
  • 08:50:27: This trip's Paso Robles wine recommendation: Four Vines's Cypher. Wine for cryptographers. Which is good, as we were with @joncallas
  • 18:49:05: A lovely morning in Santa Barbara. A pity about the "local ordinance" which means the motel can only serve us packaged food for breakfast.

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