Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 11-13-2009

  • 17:32:44: RT @jonhoneyball: @eileenb well done -- most everything i've heard about TEE was v complimentary and much of that was down to you. <- agreed
  • 17:58:54: San Jose on a sunny morning. Looking good for the start of the drive down to #PDC09. Paso Robles tonight, where we're meeting friends.
  • 18:00:19: Recent reads: The Temporal Void. Peter Hamilton's wide screen space opera twists and turns as factions struggle for control of the future.
  • 18:07:26: BlackBerry Developer Conference was fascinating. Time to turn my thoughts about Dash APIs, "Flow" and context into a long blog post.

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