Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 11-12-2009

  • 01:05:59: Any recommendations for good ADSL2+ routers? Our Zyxel 660W doesn't seem to be coping well after our line upgrade.
  • 01:06:51: Some fascinating features planned for future Blackberry HTML UI releases. Wish native look and feel was scheduled sooner though...
  • 01:38:09: Out of the Marriott basement at last!
  • 01:43:47: Spectacular sunset over Twin Peaks tonight.Gold light across the Mission district, with strange highlights on the Federal Building.
  • 02:42:45: Hmm. Have found a 9/2009 firmware update for our router. Am I brave enough to run the update from 8 timezones away?

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