Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 10-28-2009

  • 02:27:12: At JFK waiting for the plane home. It's been a long trip, up and down the west coast, into the desert, and across to the east.
  • 02:31:24: Recent reads: Reading The Wind. @brendacooper's Fremont saga takes a complex turn into interstellar politics. War is not the only answer.
  • 02:33:09: Recent reads: Cockatiels At Seven. Donna Andrews bird-themed mysteries show University crime can be murder. Durrelesque family antics ensue.
  • 05:30:03: is now departing John F Kennedy Intl on Virgin Atlantic Airways Powered by Lufthansa -
  • 10:20:03: is now flying over Europe on Virgin Atlantic Airways Powered by Lufthansa -
  • 15:32:45: Will Google's SatNav cause more huge roaming bills? I suspect so. Gives the rest a significant edge where there's no connectivity...
  • 18:07:31: From Mary and me at The H: Why Adobe Likes Open Source -

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