Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 10-22-2009

  • 18:39:20: Recent reads: World War Z. Max Brooks does for zombies what Whitley Streiber did for WWIII. In a good way.
  • 18:41:17: Recent reads: Scourge Of God. SM Stirling sends his quest across the post-Change midwest. Blood, thunder and buffalo.
  • 18:44:43: Recent reads: Spell Games. @timpratt's Marla Mason gets caught up in her grifter brother's latest scam. Mad fungi lead to much punching.
  • 19:36:51: Back to Echofon as my mobile client. Some aspects of Tweetie 2 are a little annoying.
  • 20:06:07: Q&A with Michael Dell from #fireglobal now on ZDNet:
  • 20:10:24: Microsoft has a tool for creating USB installers for Windows 7 from ISOs:
  • 20:40:23: Thinking about SharePoint 2010 for a piece I'm writing and I've realised that it's MS delivering Jupiter at last. Oh, and Green.
  • 21:55:33: SharePoint 2o10: A First Take at

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