Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 10-15-2009

  • 07:35:35: FiRe Global tomorrow - looking forward to a very intense day!
  • 17:04:53: Fascinating views of the ocean floor in HD from John Delaney at #fireglobal - building the real intelligent global sensor network.
  • 17:08:41: Details of the project to wire the Juan de Fuca plate with GB fibre sensor networks. #fireglobal
  • 17:11:58: Technology in the classroom - seen as a local issue by many funding bodies. Text book driven education rather than one-to-one. #fireglobal
  • 17:14:48: Wow - Washington State only authorises new text books every 18 years. How can you educate for now with yesterday's tools? #fireglobal
  • 17:18:36: One-to-one education networks are developing anyway, in adult-free networks on an ad hoc basis. There is demand. #fireglobal
  • 19:06:43: Interesting to see a mix of HVDC and windpower being developed for the PNW. #fireglobal
  • 19:09:31: Buildings generate about 40% of all CO2 and energy usage.Making of building materials and additional 12%. #fireglobal
  • 19:13:35: Folk tweeting #fireglobal: @brendacooper @shiftalliance @frankcatalano @mikeliebhold
  • 19:26:17: Hoana Medical are using sensor coverlets to help manage ER patients in triage. Smart fabrics and IT. #fireglobal
  • 19:30:48: InTouch's medical telepresence robot is most impressive. See and be seen. #fireglobal
  • 19:32:06: Hoana and InTouch need to work together. Use the smart fabrics/beds to target telepresence rigs. #fireglobal
  • 19:46:35: Ocean pollution is a much bigger problem than we think. The sea faces its own silent spring. Roger Payne at #fireglobal
  • 21:43:15: Michael Dell on the global economy, on IT markets, and on problem solving. Interesting thoughts #fireglobal
  • 21:54:16: Nobel Laureate Lee Hartwell is talking about protein markers as sensitive indicators of health and disease. Fascinating. #fireglobal
  • 22:38:42: now using MySkyStatus -

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