Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 10-05-2009

  • 02:50:22: A good afternoon dealing with jetlag in the sun. A walking tour of Hollywood and then a stroll on Venice Beach. Pelicans FTW.
  • 03:09:56: Finally reading the Anubis Gates. Why hadn't i read this earlier, considering just how much I love Powers' other books?
  • 08:00:22: A fun evening here at #adobemax, talking to the social media folk behind @adobe and with the folk.
  • 15:52:52: My review of Microsoft Security Essentials for TechRadar: - It's secure, and it is essential for anyone without AV.
  • 15:53:13: My piece on the Flash 10.1 news for - #adobemax
  • 20:27:12: Interesting keynote at #adobemax. Flash cross-compiling on to iPhone and new scenes from Avatar.

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