Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 10-02-2009

  • 12:28:45: There goes the Emirates A380. Hanging in the sky in exactly the same way a brick doesn't.
  • 12:30:43: Hmm. The Getty Villa ticket booking site doesn't work with Chrome. #gettyvilla
  • 12:33:37: Nope, it's actually broken in 3 different browsers. Annoying! #gettyvilla
  • 12:42:20: Just signed up for the LloydsTSB Save The Change service - all debit cards transactions rounded up and the difference in a savings account.
  • 12:54:34: Downloaded and installed the MAX companion - now to pack for the flight to LA tomorrow #adobemax
  • 19:20:05: Drinking Chinotto, bought form the wonderful Valentina's here in Putney. Bitter orange and herbs, a real pick me up.

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