Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 09-23-2009

  • 00:06:59: Heading home after a fantastic dinner at The Glasshouse. A really spectacular tasting menu with excellent wine parings. Recommended.
  • 00:51:20: As @tcannoy (a delightful dinner companion) points out, it was of course The Greenhouse, not The Glasshouse. Mea culpa!
  • 09:35:09: Something vaguely disturbing about cereal that turns your milk purple.
  • 09:37:33: 1500 Twitter followers can't be wrong.
  • 09:55:41: The new NetNewsWire client for iPhone is out. Google Reader sync all sorted there now, so my migration from Newsgator is complete.
  • 11:41:57: By me at ZDnet: A look at Google Wave with n image gallery here:
  • 18:29:25: RT @shadowfax1804: Moblin is finally hitting the big time. From tomorrow Dell will factory install it on some of its netbooks
  • 18:31:22: RT @PeterNBiddle: Dell: IADP "will have significant value for consumers" #idf09 #iadp #dev4atom
  • 18:34:54: RT @IntelNick: #IDF Silverlight demo on Moblin! <- I suspect Moonlight rather than Silverlight though...
  • 20:02:46: Y'know what I like about living in the future? It's having a chat with a friend in NZ and already knowing his new coder. From Usenet.
  • 20:04:57: Interesting - I see Nokia has bought Dopplr.
  • 20:20:26: RT @timanderson: Microsoft is giving Intel its Silverlight source. Intel will build for Moblin, Microsoft will distribute. #idf09
  • 20:25:41: Impressive if the rumours on the Dopplr exit are true - 10x on the raised funds.
  • 20:29:10: RT @johnny_a: RT @teamsilverlight Silverlight supported by Intel's Atom Developer Program -
  • 21:43:16: Today's baking experiment worked - wholemeal bread using roast garlic infused olive oil as the fat. Nom nom nom.
  • 23:05:32: Podcast of Iain Bank's Transition can be subscribed to inside iTunes. Score.

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