Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 09-21-2009

  • 10:14:08: Finishing this Wave piece this morning, then tossing up on BES 5.0 or Office Web Apps. Another busy week in chez SandM.
  • 12:01:28: The replacement Mac PSUs I ordered from HK are here, and the G4 iBook is charging happily. Now, do I take the old thing to Leopard?
  • 12:42:08: New user icon time on Twitter... That and an updated bio.
  • 16:37:52: Tweeting from inside Wave. Oddly the Tweetie Wave plug-in doesn't work inside Chrome...
  • 17:33:13: God Help The Girl has rapidly become my album of the year. Classic 60s style songs with a cynical twist. It's Gainsbourg chanson for today.
  • 20:01:21: If I log in with one of my Live IDs., I get access to the Office Web Apps. If I use the other, nada. One US, one UK. Geolocking at work?
  • 20:02:10: Yup, tried it with another couple of Live IDs. Microsoft seems to be limiting access to Office Web Apps to US SkyDrives only.
  • 20:09:21: Big Bang Theory back tonight!

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