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From Twitter 09-10-2009

  • 09:12:31: Finding some interesting WIndows 7 features in the new iTunes - there's a preview miniplayer and jumplists.
  • 09:47:33: Recent reading: Schismatrix Plus - @bruces Shaper/Mechanist stories in one hugely influential place. This is the shape of modern SF.
  • 09:49:44: Recent reading: Hiero's Journey - Sterling Lanier's Canadian post-holocaust picaresque. Strong Vance influences with added mutant moose.
  • 09:53:17: Looking forward to seeing @natalief and @neilcford tonight. Been far too long since they visited.
  • 12:37:22: RT @Openrightsgroup: Pls can every single one of you RT this one - Stop Disconnection without trial - http://bit.ly/diss-connect
  • 18:33:17: Interesting afternoon with Adobe getting a dev tools update... Need to do someting similar with Microsoft soon.
  • 18:34:11: On a severely broken District Line home. It just seems to get worse!

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