Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Beachy Sunset

We drove down to the Sussex coast yesterday.

I'd realised we'd managed an entire English summer without looking at the sea, and it was something that I was missing. The salt tang of the air, the gentle breezes, the soft lap of the waves. Yesterday might not have been the best of days to go down to the sea, the grey skies hanging over south London weren't so much a portent of bad weather as, well, the rain itself.

Still, we headed south.

As we rolled over the Downs the skies began to clear, and the sun was soon peeking out from behind the clouds. We arrived at Birling Gap shortly before sunset, and stood on the top of the steps watching the gulls swoop and swirl. The sea was gentle, and the setting sun reflected in the rock pools and on the wet sand.

It was, as they say, a lovely evening.

Beachy Sunset

Birling Gap, Sussex
September 2009
Tags: flickr, photography

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