Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

You will be assimilated...

We seem to have become Costco members over the weekend, having somehow missed the opening of a branch in Croydon last year. Well, to be precise, marypcb is a member, I just have the delightfully named "spouse card".

I spotted it online the other day, and discovered that either of us could be corporate members. We scared up the documentation for marypcb's company, and tootled over to the monstrous establishment somewhere on an industrial estate. It's a cthuloid site, a huge temple to mammon and consumption with everything inside supersized or larger. Huge shelves and wide freezers fill the site, while you wheel around a trolley the size of a small family car.

We came out fully signed up, and, at the same time, have stocked up on many of the things we needed for the house. Apart from, of course, some of the things we went in for in the first place. It's probably some form of PTSD, as you get overwhelmed by the sheer size of everything there (though as marypcb pointed out, it's just US style/size packaging in the UK!).

Now that we have our photograph-embellished membership cards, it's like being part of a cult.

A large cult, with very few rules (apart from "spend all your money here"), but a cult all the same.

Though not so much of one as the Ikea Family. Now that's a cult.

Why yes, we're members of that too.

Come, join the Family...
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