Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 08-29-2009

  • 11:03:34: Fitted new car radio. Surprisingly painless. In fact pretty much plug and play...
  • 19:21:44: Ooof. Pretty much the final load of stuff in the storage locker. Old futon in dump, and terrace tiles bought from B&Q. Busy day done!
  • 19:22:46: Old car radio listed on eBay. They seem to sell, so worth a try - especially as it's a free listing weekend.
  • 19:51:39: FrontPage's last gasp: MS makes SharePoint Designer a free download -
  • 20:01:41: Thinking about what might happen if you threw a comet through a feral Matrioshka Brain into a sun at 0.9c. Extreme archaeology!
  • 20:10:54: RT @afalk: Learn XML with XMLSpy <- One of my favourite tools. I used it for my PC Plus XML series a few years back.

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