Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 08-26-2009

  • 01:38:00: iPhone developer copy off to my editor. Thanks to @Shenkz_Bros for their help.
  • 10:14:05: Poured hot water in mug for tea. Mug cracked with the heat. Hot water everywhere. Not my idea of how to start a day.
  • 10:18:49: 747s over my head, fading in and out of the low cloud. When did they move the flight path this much further south?
  • 11:30:03: Gah. A whole bunch of spammers just appeared. Ah well, costs me nothing to click "Block".
  • 12:29:21: RT @richardcobbett: Pitching a new mag: MS Paint Monthly. It's ImagineFX for those of us with no artistic talent whatsoever. <- Hah!
  • 22:25:58: Putting the first quick pages onto our new site. It should make things easier for us to update - so now time to plane things thoroughly.
  • 22:46:33: I see Fake Steve Jobs is channeling E.J. Thribb. First the Eye, now the i?

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