Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 08-25-2009

  • 10:27:43: Just bought myself a new car radio. The lack of an aux socket on the Puma was driving me nuts. Need my MP3s!
  • 10:38:02: Reminiscing on IRC about the early days of the UK ISPs. I used to be able to tell which of UKOLs mAXes I was on by the connection sound.
  • 13:03:32: Loking for comment from iPhone developers on 1) the skills they think are needed for building successful apps and 2) on using ADC. DM me!
  • 18:25:36: I used to run a national ISP here in the UK, and none have the resources needed to police traffic for copyright violations.
  • 18:27:47: Steampunk'd! broke a 103 year old speed record today. Progress through boilers!
  • 22:22:05: Stopped by the police while driving back from Greenwich - for driving too carefully. I showed them the glass table in the boot...

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