Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 08-19-2009

  • 13:39:02: Just got Mary's S101 running Windows 7 fully - needed the latest ACPI drivers and SuperHybridEngine from the Asus site.
  • 17:32:37: Frustrating afternoon with a BlackBerry that won't hook up to BES. At least I learnt lots more about how to debug BES 5.0 issues.
  • 17:34:58: Looks like my old desktop has a new home, and the old futon is off on FreeCycle tonight. #decluttering
  • 17:36:41: Now that @loudtwitter is back, do I go back to it, or keep using the alternative I found while it was out. Decisions, decisions.
  • 18:59:29: "There are some spectacularly stupid bots out there. Here's a hint: context is everything.
  • 21:41:55: Another batch of stuff down to the storage locker. More comics, more fabric. Operation DeClutter proceeds apace.
  • 22:03:05: New Windows Live Movie Maker out now - also updates to many of the Wave 3 applications. So a hefty download...

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