Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 08-13-2009

  • 12:18:55: RSAT out for Windows 7 - a hefty 200MB+ download. An essential for any sysadmin's desktop #windows7
  • 12:35:51: RT @wearevi: I am so amazed that customs in the US and the UK use google as a way of checking people's IDs!
  • 12:49:07: Latest book read: Chritopher Brookmyre's It's Not The End Of The World. Fundamentalist Goodbye California with lashings of Scottish snark.
  • 13:33:02: IT Pro blog post: Beyond XP Mode - DOS applications on Windows 7
  • 14:46:04: Waiting for Server 2008 R2 to hit MSDN. The PR folk say it's there, but it hasn't appeared yet...
  • 16:29:07: Setting up BES 5 - some nasty little niggles in there. Especially if IIS is running on the same box...
  • 17:05:45: Upgrading. The switch to using a web app with Apache for management is the kicker.
  • 17:43:35: It's that time of the summer, when the plums are ripe. One of the nicest bits of the English summer...

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