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In the office

Well, the new job seems to be working out OK. It felt quite odd going back to an employer I'd left more than two years ago. They've changed a lot, and certainly my time at Scient changed me a lot, too...

Pity about the commute. As usual the Monday morning District Line was slow and crowded - just enough room to cram in and finish reading Robert Charles Wilson's excellent collection of linked shorts "The Perseids" [Tor 2001]. i'm not entirely sure if reading disturbing dark SF/horror/fantasies on the Tube is such a good idea, but the writing was so god it was hard to put it down. so, now I'm on the back-up book, Michael De Larrabeiti's second Borrible novel "The Borribles Go For Broke" [Ace 1984].

And today I start a billable project. My first for nearly a year... Whoo hoo! A interesting set of problems in secure information sharing.
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