Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 08-11-2009

  • 09:54:20: I see that Nabaztag has gone bankrupt. Are all the wifi bunnies waving their ears in silent salute?
  • 11:31:45: Can people spot the HUGE error in this wrong headed US piece on the NHS? Let alone all the rest of the errors...
  • 18:43:15: Heh. Just made an iTunes Genius playlist from a Bell X1 track - and it's like a day on KMMT The Mountain in Seattle. I'm impressed....
  • 18:58:43: Pinwheeled:
  • 23:11:03: OK, how did I miss two David Sylvian albums? Now I need to track down both Nine Horses releases. And wait for the new solo album next month

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