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The grape in the grape

As a beer drinking British geek I have one not-so-secret vice.

I like wine.

A lot.

I'll explore wine growing areas for the little out of the way vineyards that don't make too many cases, and I'll happily sit in the sun with a glass of something especially pleasant, just taking in the sun and the subtle flavours. It's a favourite way of passing the time - and we've found many delightful wines that don't normally make it to the UK,

Driving up from San Diego to the Bay, we stopped off in Paso Robles for a quick visit to a handful of wineries. We made to one of our favourites, Justin, just in time for lunch, and sat out under the old oak trees with a sandwich, some cheese, and a glass of their always excellent Sauvignon Blanc. As we sat there, marypcb noticed a reflection of vines in her glass.

Of course that led to a photograph.

Reflecting the vine

Paso Robles, California
May 2009
Tags: flickr, photography, travels, wine
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