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Watching the watchers

There's something about Meerkats. It's probably the way we anthropomorphise their eusocial behaviours, the watchers guarding the foragers.

Transplanted to the US, their normal predators may be thousands of miles away, but there are still dangers. The ubiquitous turkey vultures circle overhead, and red-tailed hawks swoop out of the sky on unsuspecting small mammals, all while the silver-brown coyotes lope across the plains. Then there are the new threats: the roar of the jet, the deep growl of the Harley Davidson.

It pays to be alert, to be on watch at all times.

Watching The Watchers

Watching The Watchers

Watching The Watchers

That, and they're just so cute...

Escondido, California
May 2009
Tags: flickr, photography, wildlife
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