Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

World War II Bomber Found On Moon

I used to work with the chap who wrote that classic headline for the infamous Sunday Sport.

Over lunch in a Shepton Mallet pub one day he told me the story behind that (and other headlines). They spent all Thursday, after the rest of the paper had been put together, sitting in various pubs around Hull coming up with more and more insane ideas, before writing up the most weird. Sober, he was a great writer, able to churn out news stories quicker than most people I know. Drunk, well, he could out-weird Charlie Stross after 3 cans of Jolt.

I don't think Chris could have realised that we were just a handful of years away from putting a satellite in lunar orbit that would have the camera resolution to see devices smaller than that World War II bomber his art guys cut and pasted onto an old NASA picture.

But here we are a day away from the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's landing - and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is sending back pictures of the various Apollo landing sites, including Apollo 11's. That shadow there, between those two craters? That's Eagle's descent stage.

You know, that doesn't look like a movie studio to me.

Tranquillity Base? We can see you from here.

Now to look for that bomber.
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