Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Station Identified and Analysed

One of my photographs of Kilauea's current eruption ended up as the Station Ident image on Warren Ellis' site yesterday.

It's been interesting watching the effects of linked images on my Flickr stats. Digg has giving me the most hits to date, with StumbleUpon a distant second. There's a distinct long tail from BoingBoing and Lifehacker, while news sites like TechRadar give you a quick boost that fades away as stories drop off the front page - as does linking to an image in a tweet...

Warren's site is definitely a long tail site, as I've seen when images of mine have appeared in his regular collages. This new format of his seems to mix the burst of a news site (though not as high traffic, though high for a genre writer) with long tail effects...

The image?

It's another shot of the steam plume from the current lava ocean entry points on the south coast of Big Island.

Pele's steam bath

There's just a hint of lava glow in the underside of the clouds of steam, while the underlighting from the sunset light adds a touch of drama as the southern sky darkens with yet another tropical squall.

Volcanoes FT(photography)W.
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