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Simon Bisson

Doctor Who?

Congratulations to Bryan Talbot on being awarded an honorary doctorate at the University of Sunderland.

From his fan site:

Bryan is being awarded an honorary doctorate for his “outstanding contribution to the Arts as writer and graphic artist” by Sunderland University. He says: "I've been saying that working on Alice in Sunderland was being like doing a Phd – not something I said lightly as my wife is a Phd and I saw first hand the sheer amount of work involved – it turns out now I was virtually doing one! The graphic novel did take a lot of time and one hell of a lot of research. I'm sure that the doctorate is mainly for producing this book, though they are going to cite the whole canon at the ceremony."

According to comic historian Paul Gravett, this is the first time that a doctorate has been given for work in the comic medium in the UK. Is this another sign of the increasing acceptance of comics as a legitimate art form, an art form that Bryan has relentlessly pioneered for over thirty years? The ceremony is on 17th July at the annual Sunderland University award ceremony at The Stadium of Light, Sunderland.

Having been one of the photographic sources for Alice in Sunderland (Bryan: "Can you guys just nip down to Guildford and photograph Lewis Carroll's grave..."), does this make us honorary research assistants?
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