Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Here we stand, in a special place

Keauhou, where we stayed on the Kona side of Big Island is more than a tourist destination (though the local definition of built-up means that it's two or three miles between hotels and resorts, and the tourist strip is less than half a mile long).

It's also the site of some of the island's holiest places. There were three heiau in the grounds of our hotel, currently being restored. They were massive stone platforms, built on lava flows that rolled out over the reefs. Artificial rock pools kept fish abundant, food for the local royal family who used the sacred pools in the woods.

One evening we waded into the pool, avoiding the grazing honu turtles, to watch the sun set.

Here we stand, in a special place

I couldn't help but think of a few lines from The Waterboy's song "Don't Bang The Drum":
Here we stand
On a rocky shore
Your father stood here before you
I can see his ghost explore you
I can feel the sea implore you
Not to pass on by
Not to walk on by
Not to try...
Keauhou, Hawaii
June 2009
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