Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Mic'ed Up

I bought a new microphone the other day. I needed something better for recording meetings, and as I work direct-to-disk in OneNote (timestamping interview audio with my notes), I decided to look out a high-quality USB microphone.

To be honest it didn't take me long to find the device I wanted. Blue Microphones have an excellent reputation and their chrome-retro styling has a certain 30's space opera feel that I found appealing. The fact that they were getting consistent good reviews for sound quality also helped a lot. Most of their devices aren't that portable, but I found the one I wanted very quickly: the Snowflake.

Sound quality's good so far, and it'll work with my Macs and my PCs. It is a little larger than I expected, but not too large, and the base doubles as a carry case for the USB cable and as a clip to hand the mic off the back of my PC. I do like the way the microphone folds into the base for travel, and the ability to twist the head to point where I want is definitely a plus.

All in all, I'm very happy.

Now to go out and interview some people.
Tags: gadgets, work
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