Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 01:34 Probably worrying the neighbours by testing GPS software at this time of night - walking up and down the street holding out a BlackBerry.
  • 01:55 Quite impressed with the InstaMapper tools and software - especially now I've worked out how to export tracks for geotagging purposes.
  • 11:40 After last nights BlackBerry fest (I really shouldn't be working at 4 am!) it's time to delve into Google Elements.
  • 12:47 Having a quick play with IBM's Seer AR app for Wimbledon. At least I live close enough to get a feel for it!
  • 14:27 Hmm. I seem to have fallen off the Apple press release list. Who to ping to get back on it?
  • 14:34 IT Pro blog post:
  • 14:51 Giving up on TweetDeck for now and going back to Twhirl. Found that TweetDeck didn't do @ message notifications at all well. Ho hum.
  • 21:20 Unfurling so many ways:
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