Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Unfurling so many ways

Another picture from Lava Trees - some lushness in the rain forests to go with the fires in the barren caldera 4000 feet above.

The forests are full of plants, tree trunks covered in vines and creepers, while feral chickens and mongoose run around the few patches of open ground. The ferns reminded me of New Zealand, and as marypcb noted the whole island felt like a cross between North Island and the Canaries.

The contrasts in Big Island are amazing, with some areas of almost desert next to lush rain forest, while deep green valleys lie underneath prairie uplands and ranges full of cattle. There are almost as many climate zones on one island as there are in the whole of the rest of the USA, with the east wetter than the west, and the higher elevations cooler and damper (until you get to the tops of the great volcanoes).

Anyway, have some some Hawaiian green. But not the Puna green you might be thinking of...

Unfurling so many ways

Lava Trees, Hawaii
June 2009
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