Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Unfurling spiral

There's something fascinating about an unfurling fern.

I'm not sure if its the mathematical precision of the spiral, or the contrast in colours between the new shoot and the rest of the bracken around - but whatever it is, it leaves me fascinated and trying to find just the right angle. I was wandering through the Puna rainforest on Big Island, in the Lava Trees park, when I came across a beautiful purple fern spiral, rising out of the bracken and glowing darkly blue in amongst the riot of green.

They say we must suffer for our art, but I'm not sure if four days of burning and itching ankles is quite what they meant. I have no idea what it was that lay down there in the undergrowth where I crouched to focus on just the right angle, but whatever it was came on strong, like the worst case of nettle rash I've ever had. I don't believe it was poison ivy, but who knows?

So here's the resulting image:

Unfurling spiral

I think it was worth it.

Big Island, Hawaii
June 2009
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