Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Hawaii so far

Just a few impressions:

  • Flying in over blue blue waters.
  • Airports built around the trees.
  • Deep valleys full of viridian verdance.
  • Spinner dolphins leaping from a silver sea.
  • Slow turtles in warm rock pools.
  • Slinky mongoose in the hedges.
  • Goats on the golf courses.
  • The sound of rain on a tin roof.
  • Flowers everywhere.
  • Pink guava sweet bread.
  • Bright bright fish skittering across the water.
  • Moray eels sinuous in a floodlit pool.
  • Organic coffee high in the cloud forest, on the farm.
  • Decaying theatres.
  • Looking up at Mauna Kea and seeing the white dots of the observatory through a gap in the cloud.</i>
  • Eating the sweet flesh of a coffee cherry in the rain.
  • Red red birds.
  • The smoke rising up from the caldera of an erupting volcano.
  • Turtles basking on black sand.
  • Fine dining in down market shopping malls.
  • Green green geckos with electric blue eyes.
  • Phil Spector's Wall of Frog on a warm Hilo night.
  • Papaya and lime at breakfast.
  • Black crabs on black lava.
  • White coral beaches.
  • Twisty roads and single lane bridges.
  • Yellow yellow birds.
  • Nene crossing signs.
  • Tourists jumping from cliffs into the sea.
  • Stopping at roadside fruit stands for fresh juice .
  • Black lava just being colonised by plants.
I've still to take any photos off my camera! One thing I know for sure - I do want to come back to the Big Island.
Tags: travels
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