Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Living la vida beta

Folk have been asking me what I think of Windows 7, and whether it will be ready by the October 22nd release date. It's probably easiest to point you all at the piece I wrote about the RC code for ZDnet:

Windows 7 has entered the home straight, with the appearance of what looks likely to be its one and only Release Candidate (RC). Microsoft's VP for Windows Platform Strategy, Mike Nash, is confident enough to suggest that users and businesses should "Treat the Beta like a RC, treat the RC like a final product". He also expects that the RC will be used to test deployment and applications, so that businesses can jump straight to Windows 7, without the traditional wait for the first service pack. It's something that Nash felt that Microsoft "Had to earn the right to do — by making the process more predictable".

With a feature-complete Beta release, and remarkable transparency on the Engineering Windows 7 blog, there are very few surprises in the Release Candidate.

Read more to discover that yes, I do like it. In fact it's running on most of my machines already.
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