Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 00:27 RT @timbray: I do believe William Gibson just unveiled the title of his next book over on his blog: --> excellent news.
  • 00:31 Looking at his Twitter feed, it actually looks like it was on here first...
  • 00:46 Twitter going mainstream at #140tc. It's pretty mainstream when a best selling author uses Twitter to reveal the title of his next novel.
  • 00:51 Folk looking for security trust analysis should look at Purewire Trust which launched its service at Demo #140tc
  • 00:54 Of course there's the irony in sharing a security site URI in a URL shortener... #140tc
  • 01:27 Why concentrate on the number of followers - I'm quite happy with the 1200 or so of you out there! #140tc
  • 08:13 Sinfest tweets:
  • 18:02 iPhone 3.0 browser supports HTML 5 geolocation. Demo here at #io2009
  • 23:34 Google Moderator at #io2009 surprisingly effective as an alternative method of marshaling questions for a busy session with lots of content.
  • 23:44 Just setting up my Android phone. First app on it, a Twitter client. The HTC Magic is really rather nice. #io2009
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