Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 05:29 A day away from the net and I discover an old Flickr image of mine is on the front page of Digg and Reddit. 30K views and rising.
  • 05:33 If I'd known I'd have fixed the typo in the caption...
  • 06:33 10K more since my last tweet. I'm getting a good picture of the traffic pushing power of Digg. And on a weekend, too. Article fodder...
  • 07:23 Here's the image that's been Dugg:
  • 10:08 That image has now chalked up over 60K views. I'm surprised there's so much interest in a 20 year old NeXT Cube!
  • 17:59 Crikey - just woke up and checked the stars on that Dugg photo - now over 100K views...
  • 18:14 Into the desert on a horse with no name. Well, a rental Ford, but much the same idea. Hot out there - getting on for 100 already!
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