Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

As a response to Mary's last entry...

...where she posted her picture of a giant wooden bear doing things that make me want to rush to my safe place, I suspect that you too will need a dose of this amazing new stuff.

But now, in partnership with BoingBoing, ThinkGeek has taken the idea to the next level.

Introducing, the Unicorn Chaser - a drink shot specially formulated to cleanse your mind and soul. Featuring a perfect blend of vitamins, herbs and minerals (each selected for its body purification, mood elevation, stomach calming, and other beneficial qualities), the Unicorn Chaser is a life saver. Chug it within one minute of viewing the offending internet image (really, as fast as possible) and in mere seconds you will begin to feel better. It won't erase your memory, but each Unicorn Chaser will pump you with enough goodness that it just won't matter. You'll be healed. You're welcome.

See for yourself just how well it works!

I just love the amazing special effects!

My favourite of the ThinkGeek April Fools this year (though Squeez Bacon® came a close second).
Tags: unicorn chaser
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