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Beaver! See, beaver!

There we were, driving drown a back road somewhere on the Oregon coast. We'd just been photographing lighthouses, and were taking in the evening light through fresh green leaves. Suddenly I saw something wander into the road in front of the car, and I stopped to let it cross safely.

It was a big animal, glistening black with slicked back wet fur. A round rodent face briefly looked at us, and it strolled across the tarmac, a wide leathery tail leaving a trail across the dry road. It was a beaver, taking a short cut between two ponds. We'd never seen one before, and I was amazed at just how large it was - the legs may have been short, but its body was as big as a large dog.

We reached for a camera, but it quickly vanished into some reeds.

A brief encounter with the wild.


Apr. 2nd, 2009 03:32 pm (UTC)
I love unexpected wild encounters like that. I had my most amazing not that long ago, visiting my daughter for the weekend. Sunday night, driving back alone (my wife was babysitting Monday) I got to the big roundabout by the superstores just South of the M25, and was going to drive around it.

From behind me, scuttling along at impressive speed and overtaking me as I slowed to a near stop, a black shape shot over the roundabout, onto the centre island, across, and over the other side into the bushes. I had to brake to avoid it.

Black fur, white stripes on the face, low, short legs splayed somewhat outwards. Yes, a badger...!