Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Beaver! See, beaver!

There we were, driving drown a back road somewhere on the Oregon coast. We'd just been photographing lighthouses, and were taking in the evening light through fresh green leaves. Suddenly I saw something wander into the road in front of the car, and I stopped to let it cross safely.

It was a big animal, glistening black with slicked back wet fur. A round rodent face briefly looked at us, and it strolled across the tarmac, a wide leathery tail leaving a trail across the dry road. It was a beaver, taking a short cut between two ponds. We'd never seen one before, and I was amazed at just how large it was - the legs may have been short, but its body was as big as a large dog.

We reached for a camera, but it quickly vanished into some reeds.

A brief encounter with the wild.
Tags: beaver, wildlife
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