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Daily Twitterings

  • 06:31 Driving down the Oregon coast - absolutely beautiful. Stopped in Pacific City for the night, and indulged in Pelican Brewery Cream Ale.
  • 07:07 Plenty Bald Eagles on the drive - including one sat on a piling in the Columbia River, just by the Astoria 101 bridge.
  • 09:08 For a few dollars shore: www.flickr.com/photos/sbisson/3397443071/
  • 09:39 RT @Codepope: GLOW tonight - is.gd/pCBI - London based open source journalists and writers, come along for a chat at 7pm.
  • 09:41 IT Pro blog: WIndows 7 - Nearly There tinyurl.com/cn4q2r
  • 09:45 Recent read: The Third Claw Of God. Competent locked-space-elevator SF mystery novel with well-drawn characters and a powerful moral dilemma