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For a few dollars shore

The long sandy beaches of the Pacific Northwest go on for miles and miles, great curves of sand that reach from horizon to horizon. Up where the sands meet the dunes are the drift trees, great logs that have floated down from the wild mountain rivers, into the sea, where they're thrown on to the beaches by the winter waves.

Walk along them, and you find smooth pebbles, worn down in the angry waves of a hundred thousand winters. Down in Oregon the sands are golden brown, while up north in Washington the volcanic beaches shine black ink in the morning sun. It's on the sands you'll find them, the grey-white saucers. They've landed from the sandy ocean floors, the skeletal remains of bottom dwelling echidnoderms: sand dollars.

The tube feet are lost, and they rest there, empty, waiting to be smashed by the next angry wave, broken into the small change of the beaches.

For a few dollars shore

Twin Harbors Beach, Washington
March 2009


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Mar. 30th, 2009 12:13 pm (UTC)
preddy. but spank for the title pun :)
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