Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 17:58 Deborah Adler's work on redesigning the prescription bottle and label is fascinating and inspiring. Blog post on the way! #mix09
  • 17:59 Wondering if there is light outside in Vegas. Another day in the conference mines... #mix09
  • 17:59 IE8 looking impressive. Pity I can't install it on my Windows 7 machines... #ie8 #mix09
  • 21:41 Scott Hanselman on MVC in ASP.NET. An excellent presentation... #mix09
  • 22:22 Hummingbird Hawk Moth in Death Valley on the road to #mix09
  • 23:36 Wow - head detection and motion tracking using a WiiMote for full 3D VR and so easy to use! #mix09
  • 23:56 Pico projectors now sub $100 #mix09

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