Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 02:58 Made it to MIX after a long run from Death Valley over the mountains. #mix
  • 17:21 Silverlight 3 and the new IIS streaming look very impressive. #mix09
  • 17:25 NBC seem to have finally discovered that if you give people what they want to watch, they will watch more. Who'd a thunk it. #mix09
  • 17:28 Expression 3 multi-browser support tool will also be a free download as a standalone IE6,7, and 8 test tool. #mix09
  • 17:31 Silverlight 3 gets multi-touch #mix09
  • 17:40 So the Silverlight RollingSone application may not ne live net, but Playboy seems to be already. Question of priorities? #mix09
  • 17:46 "Wiggly controls" in Blend 3 for wireframing and sketching out applications. Neat. All live controls under the sketches, #mix09
  • 17:49 Sketchflow player is really impressive, I could have done with that back in my web dev days. #mix09
  • 18:07 SAP Silverlight controls coming soon. #mix09
  • 18:08 Silverlight 3 taking on AIR with offline mode on Windows and on Mac. #mix09
  • 18:12 Network status as a prperty and event in Silverlight 3 Offline. Network as a state. #mix09
  • 18:21 Silverlight 3 is 40k smaller than Silverlight 2 #mix09
  • 18:22 Silverlight 3 beta and dev tools out now. #mix09
  • 19:10 Have you abandoned Sillverlight for Windows Mobile, or does it just feel like? #askthegu #mix09
  • 21:27 In a round table with Bill Buxton. #mix09
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