Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Sierra Sunset

We're in the middle of a short inter-conference roadtrip, driving from Silicon Valley to the fleshpots of Las Vegas.

We could have taken the easy way, down the coast to Cambria and then straight across California to Bakersfield, before a quick hop over the mountains to the Mojave desert and a straight run to Barstow and then to Vegas. Instead we've headed north and east, past Sacramento, driving over the crest of the Sierra Nevada, before making a complete circuit of Lake Tahoe, and finally finding our way onto Route 395, the East Sierra scenic highway.

The sun was setting over the mountains as we passed Topaz Lake, illuminating an impressive line of lenticular clouds.

High Sierra Lenticular Clouds

High Sierra Lenticular Clouds

A beautiful end to a long day in the mountains.
Tags: clouds, flickr, phtography, travel, weatrher
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