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Daily Twitterings

  • 03:03 Aaargh! Press releases saying tomorrow is the Internet's 20th birthday. The web is not the Internet.
  • 07:09 Thinking that Sun's Project Kenai was one of the coolest things I saw at #etech. It's time someone gave Sourceforge a run for its money.
  • 07:40 Score Mary's TypeTee slogan: tinyurl.com/anvd4y
  • 17:45 Today is NOT the 20th birthday of the Internet. The Internet will in fact be 40 on October 1st 2009.
  • 18:18 Writing up Kevin Lynch's #etech talk at TechRadar: is.gd/ne1X
  • 18:34 More copy: It was 20 years ago today... tinyurl.com/bmgjvf
  • 18:56 Odd. It seems the luisaphone Twitterverse is busy retweeting my ancient picture of an iPod vending machine.
  • 18:57 I do like it that the Portugeuse speaking countries name their common tongue after one of its greatest poets. Perhaps we should too. But ...
  • 19:03 RT @jackschofield: RT @GuardianUS When The Daily Show's fake news becomes real journalism, at guardian.co.uk tinyurl.com/c8trrb