Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 00:24 Robots that insult you while they make martinis #etech
  • 00:34 R2D2 vs C3P0 at #etech
  • 00:37 Damn. The slab extended battery on my tablet seems to have died. Is there anywhere around silicon valley that sells batteries for HP 2710Ps?
  • 01:05 RT @Zee: Twitter iPhone App “Tweetie” Has Been Updated!, RT’s, New Theme and More! - is a winner here
  • 18:16 Playing with computers like playing with blocks: Siftables at #etech
  • 18:26 Thinking about a gesture language for ubicomp devices. Fascinating merger of physical and virtual #etech
  • 18:39 Siftables: #etech
  • 19:15 Walkscore getting public transit tools - #etech
  • 21:01 Small worlds - bumped into a fellow member of the Scient alumni here at #etech
  • 21:05 YQL - select * from internet #etech
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