Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 07:53 Enjoyed #watchmen - though I kept thinking "where's the nine panel grid?". That's the biggest problem with the movie, the discipline is gone
  • 07:57 Relaxing day in Silicon Valley - movies, salt beef sandwiches, clothes shopping, and good old fashioned nattering with friends.
  • 18:18 RT @ruskin147: BREAKING: YouTube blocks all pro music videos from UK users after licensing row with PRS
  • 18:20 Way to encourage users to go around you, PRS... Standby for a surge in "pirate" content on YouTube from the UK. And then more churnalism?
  • 20:16 Lunch time at # etech. Quite a few familiar faces around.
  • 21:01 In the #etech Maps from Scratch session, getting a good introduction from the guys at Stamen
  • 21:22 Woo! Firing up PUTTY to EC2 in the Maps From Scratch session at #etech
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