Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson


The last few days have been very busy, covering DEMO09 from the insides of a Palm Springs hotel. Today, then, was time to get into the outside world.

And where better on a beautiful spring day than Joshua Tree?

The desert is blooming right now, all the bright colours of the ephemeral desert flowers: yellow, pink, blue, purple, red, orange. We stopped to walk around one of the nature trails in the park, and that's where I saw this little chap:

Horned Lizard

Horned Lizard

I'm not sure which of the two species of Horned Lizard that are found in the Park it is (though based on the geography I suspect there are reasonable odds that it is the rarer of the two, the San Diego Horned Lizard).
Tags: flickr, joshua tree, photography, wildlife
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