Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 00:19 Thinking about it, the real winner here at day 1 of #demo09 is Adobe. So much Flash and Flex. They really have the developer mindshare.
  • 00:22 Qualcomm Mirasol: 1mW of power. Standard LCD, 200mW. #demo09
  • 00:39 Thinking about US newspapers: Isn't the problem too many local papers and no real national newspaper?
  • 16:49 Ensembli - dynamic news aggregation with search engine-like behaviour #demo09
  • 17:02 Purewire Trust - a general purpose reputation service for people and sites. #demo09
  • 17:16 Xmarks is most impressive - Foxmarks getting a hefty update. #demo09
  • 17:34 Primalfusion: a semantic collation engine and browser. Really fascinating. #demo09
  • 17:46 Xandros has a very speedy quick boot tool - Presto. Hey! #demo09
  • 17:51 Symantec Guru: tech support your friends and family with IT Pro level tools. #demo09
  • 17:56 Jadoos - iPhone asthetic on the desktop as a web remote control #demo09
  • 18:05 sobees is the first WPF application I've seen here. Tweetdeck meets Alertthingy on steroids #demo09
  • 18:09 AppZero: P2V for the cloud #demo09
  • 18:36 The real ending of Twilight:
  • 22:39 RT @bluedonkey: New free app from Devicescape: Serengeti (where your Safari begins):
  • 23:02 Familiar faces from #iiw on the #demo09 social networking and ID panel...
  • 23:14 Hmm. Kevin Marks is just giving the same presentation as he did at #iiw. #demo09
  • 23:24 It's good to see identity folk on stage here at #demo, but where are OSIS and CardSpace?
  • 23:43 Mary and I note our top 10 from day 1 of #demo09 at TechRadar:
  • 23:52 Got my iPhone case etched by the folk at Coveroo. #demo09
  • 23:54 Enterprise 2.0 at #demo09.
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